Busch Beats Larson Again at Bristol

It was the battle between both Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson for the poll at Bristol as both drivers were on the front row for 300 laps at a cool Bristol Motorspeedway.

Kyle Larson stated that Track should change a lot during the race.

"Everyone been around the bottom," said Kyle Busch.

The race started off with Kyle Larson in the lead and then in a few laps Kyle Busch had the race lead.  At lap 5 Jeffery Ernhardt hit the wall to bring out the caution.  The green flag dropped again and Kyle Busch was leading a bunch more laps and on lap 30 lapped traffic caused Matt Kenseth to get the race lead. 

The long green flag run continued and at alp 87 less than 10 cars were left on the lead lap.  A few more laps goby and the debris caution comes out.  The cars on the lead lap pit and Kyle Larson picked up a speeding penalty on pit road.  After the green flag dropped again Matt Kenseth was back leading laps.

At lap 113 Elliott Sadler was down pit road to replace a loose wheel.  At lap 136 it was finally caution time again as Mike Bliss hits the wall.  Lead lap cars pit and Matt Kenseth wins the race off pit road.  As the race restarted Kyle Busch made an attempt to get the race lead, but could not do it.

Kyle Busch though did get hot again and with 90 laps left was back into the race lead again. Three laps go by and new caution for debris comes out.  We get a new short green flag run and with 74 laps left Ruben Garcia Jr. smacks the wall.

With 66 laps left the race restarted with Kyle Busch leading more and more laps.  In a couple of laps Kyle Larson was back to second place and was staring to chase down Kyle Busch for the race lead.  Matt Kenseth though got a bit hot and with a bold move took over second place with around 41 laps left.

The next caution came out with 40 laps left as Ryan Reed smacked the wall.  "We had a fast car today," said Ryan.

The race restarted again with 29 laps left and Kyle Busch back leading laps. With 22 laps left Jeremy Clements smack the wall to bring out the caution.  With nine laps left the race restarts and Kyle Larson got to second very quickly.   Larson though was too far back for Kyle Busch as he won yet another race at this track.  This is his seventh Nationwide series win at this track.

"Really had to change our car a lot," said Kyle Busch.  "Always fun to win ay Bristol."

Kyle Larson stated that he though Matt had thre best car.

"So much lapped traffic," said Matt Kenseth.

"Thought we were better than both of them(Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson) at the end," said Kevin Harvick.